Indie Publishing

The world of publishing has changed a great deal, and it will continue to do so for some time to come. No longer do the few large publishing houses dominate the market, now anyone can publish a bestseller. Take advantage of all the avenues open to you to bring your written works to your readership: print, electronic, and other mobile formats reach many more readers than ever before.

At Natator Publishing, we believe that it really is possible for anyone to self-publish their book, on their own, without paying thousands of dollars to someone that will take a fee to ‘self publish’ their book for them.

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The printed book will never lose its appeal. There just isn't anything quite like a well produced quality book in your hands.

We are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts at this time.

Self-Publishing Consultation

It has never been easier to publish your works yourself. Print on demand publishing has taken the financial sting out of self publishing. If this is something you are interested in we can show you the options available, how they differ, what is involved, and how much they cost.

We can even help you prepare your files, print ready for print on demand printing. Just contact us with your requirements and we'll be sure to help you on your way to being a published author.


eBook creation and conversion

With so many devices available now, knowing what format is needed and how format it becomes just that much harder. At Natator Publishing, we specialise in eBook creation and conversion, turning your manuscript into the ebook you want.

eBook Consultation

We can teach you how to distribute your ebook yourself. Areas covered are: copyright, ISBN, cover design, global distribution, marketing, and the importance of author platforms. Fiction or non fiction, we can help you get that head start.


There is a huge market in mobile applications. Authors and businesses worldwide are increasing their customer base at an astounding rate utilising apps that are in people's pockets at all times.

We're combining beautifully illustrated children’s books, and mobile app development to produce interactive children’s apps, initially on iPads and iPhones, but with plans to expand to Android devices.

If you have an interest in a mobile app for your business please contact us here or on the Going Mobile website. Mention Natator Publishing and we can probably manage a special rate.